Dr Peter Windridge

Hello. I like high performance statistical computing and probability theory.

Some projects in no particular order

  1. Bike handlebar mounted Bluetooth remote control for phone
  2. Bale collection optimisation
  3. Simulations of cervical cancer development and investigation of best screening and vaccination practice [news coverage: BBC, Sky, Guardian].
  4. Playing with cheap IoT devices
  5. Fast Pluto-Tasche PD calculator for Excel

Research papers (in chronological order)

  1. Some examples of Dynamics for Gelfand-Tsetlin patterns (with Jon Warren). Electronic Journal of Probability, volume 14, pages 1745-1769, 2009. MathSciNet.
  2. Minimising the time to a decision (with Saul Jacka and Jon Warren). Annals of Applied Probability, Volume 21, Number 5, pages 1795-1826, 2011. MathSciNet.
  3. Quantum Heisenberg models and their probabilistic representations (with Christina Goldschmidt and Daniel Ueltschi), Entropy and the Quantum II, AMS Contemporary Mathematics, volume 552, pages 177-224, 2011. MathSciNet censoredsplitmerge code.
  4. Law of large numbers for the SIR epidemic on a random graph with given degree sequence (with Svante Janson and Malwina Luczak). Random Structures & Algorithms, Volume 45, pages 724–761, 2014. MathSciNet.
  5. Near-critical SIR epidemic on a random graph with given degrees (with Thomas House, Svante Janson, Malwina Luczak). Journal Mathematical Biology, 2016). [arXiv].
  6. The extinction time of a subcritical branching process related to the SIR epidemic on a random graph. Journal of Applied Probability, Volume 52, Number 4, pages 1195-1201, 2015. A spore leaves its host.
  7. Black–white differences in cancer risk in Harare, Zimbabwe, during 1991–2010 (with Eric Chokunonga, Peter Sasieni, Margaret Borok and D. Maxwell Parkin), International Journal of Cancer, Volume 138, Issue 6, pages 1416–1421, March 2016.
  8. What cervical screening is appropriate for women who have been vaccinated against high risk HPV? A simulation study (with Rebecca Landy, Matthew S. Gillman, Peter D. Sasieni, Accepted manuscript online: October 2017). Overview by Rebecca Landy
  9. Prediction of cervical cancer incidence in England, UK, up to 2040, under four scenarios: a modelling study (with A Castanon, R Landy, F Pesola, P Windridge, P Sasieni), The Lancet Public Health 3 (1), e34-e43, January 2018.

Profile on Google scholar, MathSciNet, arXiv, and LinkedIn.

Academic vitae

04/2012-07/2014 Postdoc, School of Mathematical Sciences, QMUL, London (UK). (Based at Sheffield University until 09/2012.)

04/2010-04/2012 Postdoc, Mathematics Department, Warwick University, Coventry (UK). P.I. Daniel Ueltschi.

01/2007-06/2010 PhD (probability theory), Statistics Department, Warwick University, Coventry (UK). Supervised by Saul Jacka and Jon Warren. Awarded 10/2010.

Notes and unpublished work

  1. Simulations of an extension to Schramm's coupling of two uniform split merge processes (incomplete). censoredsplitmerge code
  2. Lecture notes for a course on Markov chains and percolation (MA3H2, Warwick Spring 2012). PDF.

Core technical skills C++, R, and Linux.

"Somehow, you are just supposed to know that, and usually you do." -- Stata 13 manual on the default baseline for factor variables.